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Top 3 Signs You Need Help with an Insurance Claim

Filing an insurance claim should be a simple matter of calling your insurance company and receiving a payment for your losses. However, it rarely is that easy. After all, you have to identify your losses, report them, prove them, and put a dollar figure on them. Below are the top three signs that you need outside help with your insurance claim:

  • The damage is extensive – An insurance claim may be relatively easy when a baseball breaks your window, but it becomes increasingly difficult with extensive losses. If you're dealing with roof damage, water damage, fire damage, wind damage, or complete destruction, consider getting help with your insurance claim.
  • You don't understand the process or your policy – Insurance claims and policies are complicated with endless requirements and exclusions. If you don't understand your responsibilities or the terms of your insurance policy, you'll have no way of knowing if your settlement is correct.
  • You tend to be passive – While your insurance company adjuster will likely do a good job, taking the claims adjuster's word for it could cost you. It's smart to take a proactive role in the claims process. If you're uncomfortable with more aggressive tactics, hire a public adjuster to work on your behalf.

As you come to terms with the scope of your losses, consider retaining a South Padre Island public adjuster. Let us take over and make sure that your claim is professionally handled to your fullest advantage. Contact us today for a free insurance claim review.

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