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Increasing South Padre Island Insurance Settlements

When filing an insurance claim, most policyholders simply want what's due to them under the terms of their insurance policies. They want enough money to recover. Unfortunately, this isn't automatic. In fact, the settlement amount may be far less than what it should be.

This isn't because the insurance company is greedy; it's often due to incomplete or underestimated claims. As the policyholder, you are responsible for claiming your losses. If you don't remember to list an item, that item won't be compensated. The insurance company's adjuster will verify that a claimed item is eligible for reimbursement under the policy's terms and then estimate the cost to replace or repair that item. However, adjusters can make mistakes or make inaccurate estimates. By being aware of these simple facts, and then doing something about them, you can increase your insurance settlement.

South Padre Island policyholders can hire a local public adjuster to handle the claim. The public adjuster takes over on the policyholder's behalf, documenting all losses and creating accurate estimates based on "real world" costs in the area. By making sure everything that has been lost is claimed and estimated and disputing the insurance company's estimates if needed, a public adjuster can make a big difference in the size of your final settlement check.

Give yourself the advantage you need in the insurance claims process by contacting us today for a free South Padre Island insurance claim review.

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