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Is it necessary to use a public adjuster?

Using a public adjuster is completely voluntary. However, it's often one of the best decisions you can make if your property has been severely damaged.

What does it mean to "maximize" a settlement offer?

A settlement offer is the amount of money that your insurance company offers to you after reviewing your claim. Before you accept this offer, it's wise to make sure that EVERYTHING you have lost has been identified, documented, claimed, and accurately estimated. A public adjuster helps policyholders do just that. They maximize claims by finding eligible items to claim that were overlooked, providing documentation for items that may have been denied, disputing low estimates, and providing additional estimates for damages that may not have been included.

Who pays for South Padre Island public adjusters?

The policyholder pays the public adjuster a small percentage of the final settlement. Note that if a settlement is not reached, then no payment is required.

How can a public adjuster increase my insurance payment?

Public adjusters are thorough investigators who search for every possible loss. Not only can a public adjuster uncover additional losses that you may have missed or forgotten about, a public adjuster is also skilled at estimating the cost to replace and rebuild. Your public adjuster will generate his own estimates and compare them against the insurance company's estimates, disputing any estimates that are too low.

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